Virology research at Edinburgh ranges from the molecule to the clinic and the field, integrating basic, veterinary and medical research - "one medicine, one health". Research is multidisciplinary and Edinburgh Virology Group Leaders approach virology research from a background in many different disciplines, including molecular biology, evolutionary biology, inflammation biology, tumour biology, cell biology, systems biology, pathology, genetics, genomics, mathematical modelling, epidemiology, vaccinology, and clinical and veterinary medicine.

The links below give further information about the research interests of each group leader.

Edinburgh Virology leads the Interdisciplinary Centre for Human & Avian Influenza Research (ICHAIR), which brings together groups based at Edinburgh, St Andrews and Glasgow Universities. Edinburgh Virology is also one of the hosts of the RNA Virus Database and is a partner in the Scottish Government's Centre for Excellence in Epidemiology, Population Health & Disease Control (EPIC).


Dr Pip BeardInteractions between poxviruses & their hosts
Professor Stephen BishopGenetic control of disease resistance
Dr Amy BuckSmall RNAs in viral infection & host response
Professor Dorothy CrawfordClinical and immunological studies on Epstein-Barr virus infections
Professor Heather CubiePapillomaviruses and diagnostic virology
Dr Bob DalzielMolecular virology of Herpesvirus and Retrovirus infections
Dr Donald DavidsonInnate immunity and the pathogenesis of infectious lung disease
Professor Ian DransfieldMacrophage responses to influenza virus
Dr Bernadette DutiaVirus pathology, including influenza virus & herpesvirus
Professor John Fazakerley Arboviruses, neurovirology and TSE neuropathology
Dr Tom FreemanSystems approaches to host activation and response to infection
Professor Peter GhazalViral gene expression, genomics, CMV
Professor Jürgen HaasSystems Biology of virus infections
Professor John HopkinsVaccination, immunology and spongiform encephalopathies
Professor David HumeRole of macrophages in viral pathogenesis
Dr Ingo JohannessenEpstein Barr virus infections & influenza virus
Dr Alain KohlArthropod-borne virus infectionss
Dr Clifford LeenClinical presentation & therapy of HIV & Hepatitis C
Professor Andrew Leigh BrownMolecular evolution of viruses, including HIV and influenza virus
Professor Tony NashVirus pathology, including influenza virus & herpesvirus
Dr Andrew RambautMolecular epidemiology & evolution of RNA viruses
Dr Nick SavillEpidemiology of virus infections, including influenza virus
Professor Jürgen SchwarzePaediatric respiratory virus infections
Professor Peter SimmondsVirus infections of the blood, HIV and hepatitis
Dr Simon TalbotMolecular virology of gammaherpesviruses including HHV8
Dr Kate Templeton Respiratory viruses, especially newly discovered viruses. Improving laboratory diagnosis
Dr Andru Tomoiu Influenza virus-host interactions
Professor Mark WoolhouseEpidemiology of viral infections and transmissible spongiform encephalopathies